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ISO 27001 certification and Swiss guarantee: reasons to choose Swisscolocation data centres

Marco Cavadini - Jun 27, 2018 12:06:00 PM

Increasing digitisation of information has made it necessary, now more than ever, to protect dematerialised data.


As cyber attacks increase, countries are committed to improving the privacy of their citizens and protecting information from individuals and businesses. Interest in this field has given rise to specific standards such as the ISO 27001 certification which defines information security requirements covering logistical, physical and organizational security. 

A business being certified under can translate to more customers having more confidence in business operations; this can be a competitive advantage. Now, virtually for all large organisations or enterprises, especially those that have indicated having professional risk management, certification is required either by law or de facto. 

However, the strategic importance of being certified isn’t just limited within the company. Collaborating with ISO 27001-certified partners actually presents an added value.

If you are thinking about outsourcing your data centre, then it’s best to rely on a provider that is ISO 27001 certified. In addition, Swisscolocation also offers the advantages of Swiss reliability.


Do you want to guarantee business continuity?  Choose a Swiss data center


70 years of know-how

Swisscolocation was set up as a joint venture between three companies: Tinext SA, Ticino's leader in digital marketing, EveryWare AG in Zurich – bringing its 15 years of experience in the field, and Elmec Suisse SA, a Swiss branch of Elmec, an Italian company operating in the computing sector for 40 years.

Having a strong Alpine heritage, the joint venture boasts a total of 70 years of know-how in the digital and IT world. Years of proven track record reinforce its credibility.

Swisscolocation caters to globalised needs while maintaining its attention to each individual customer and its localised needs. It advocates its colocation model as a best practice for offering its customers the guarantee of long-term stability.

In the last 15 years, eight computing centres have been created and managed not only in Switzerland but also in Italy, turning over a total of CHF 150 million annually. In Switzerland, storage facilities occupy 2,000 m2, spread between Morbio and the metropolitan area of Zurich.


Competitive infrastructure

Swisscolocation data centres are rated Tier III, which guarantees high operational continuity, according to the Uptime Institute’s classification. To qualify, the maximum interruption tolerated is 1.6 hours per year and system maintenance is allowed without interrupting activities. Moreover, with infrastructures having an ISO 27001 certification, high standards of reliability, data availability and security are guaranteed.


Physical security, on the other hand, is ensured by a multi-level system backed by a 24-hour video surveillance system. Server rooms are only accessible by passing through fingerprint checks.


Lastly, the Swisscolocation storage spaces are carrier neutral. This means client organisations have full autonomy in their commercial relationship with the operators and the customer can choose their operator in a neutral environment.


Advantages provided by Switzerland

Known as the most neutral country in the world, Switzerland offers countless advantages for data centres:

  • a stable territory, not seismically active and well managed by its government and citizens;

  • geopolitically speaking, one of the most stable countries in the world;

  • competitive energy costs;

  • an efficient labor market. 

Briefly, these above are the main factors that have pushed major multinational companies to choose Switzerland for their servers over the years. The factors mentioned above are what make Switzerland safe for anyone who wants to base their data centres there.


The Data Center Risk Index 2016, developed by Cushman & Wakefield, positions Switzerland in third place in Europe for lower risk, surpassed only by Iceland and Norway. Over the years, the small Swiss nation has become a real digital safe.


Flexibility and security

To those wanting to focus their IT efforts on more mission-critical activities, outsourcing computing centres can be the best choice for many organisations. But to do this, it’s necessary to have a trusted and high-quality partner, one that possesses long experience in the field and gifted with the reliability of their location. For this, Swisscolocation’s server rooms are available to host your data flexibly and securely.


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