Pure carrier-neutral colocation

Interconnected to the major Swiss and Italian internet hubs, our own Tier III datacenter, ISO 27001 certified, is operated within our headquarters located in Morbio Inferiore (Southern Switzerland, 40 min from Milan). 

Our (carrier-neutral) colocation offer, aimed at companies characterized by vital digital assets and institutional clients, features shared and private dataroom areas, completely empty or pre-arranged with rack cabinets ready to accommodate your mission-critical ICT infrastructure, starting from 1 rack cabinet (we rely on our partners for single rack unit/server housing). 

Choose the space you prefer


19" rack unit

Each Rack 42U measures 600x1070mm and is equipped with independent dual input power, energy monitoring via PDU, key lock on the single rack cabinet and customizable components. This flexible solution is useful for those needing a standard accommodation, quick outsourcing and costs reduction.


Private cage

Anyone who wants to take advantage of shared costs without giving up having a dedicated area can opt for a private cage. This solution, which has an extension starting from 40sqm., allows greater security on groups of racks, has flexible layout dimensions, is equipped with modular scalability and provides exclusive electronic access.


Private suite

Fully private room in a segregated area with an independent fire safety system, designed with a modular layout for each customer's needs along with planning advice and support provided directly by Swisscolocation. This is our suite for private business data centres, a real exclusive boutique to be accessed through flexible financing options. The availability for this solution is guaranteed within 3 months from the approval of the project.

What does our service include?

All areas of your data centre in Switzerland can only be accessed through secured multi-level steps, from biometric control to electronic badges.

Our automation system allows you to have complete control over your data centre. Next to the machine rooms, we provide shared offices and preparation areas for your technicians. "Remote hands" or "Eyes on demand" allow you a complete control of operations even if you are not physically in place.

Power and connectivity are included.

Financial advantage

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Technological advantage

data center swisscolocation - Edited Access different levels of service

Geographical and operational redundancy

political_stability_swisscolocation-1-1-1-1 Take advantage of the guarantee of business continuity
Do you want to guarantee business continuity? Choose a Swiss data center

Our partner services

Data centre assessment, data centre evolution roadmap, migration project planning and execution and managed cloud services: these are the four services that are offered through our experienced and reliable partners.

Data centre assessment

datacenter-1 360-degree evaluation of the data centre with an associated risk analysis

Data centre evolution roadmap

datacenter_partner Development of an evolutionary roadmap starting from a study of the current situation

Migration project planning and execution

data center_swisscolocation-1

Development of the migration plan, including execution and delivery

Managed cloud services


Managed connectivity & networking solutions

If you want to know more about the services offered by our partners, contact us!