Data centre outsourcing: only the best for your IT infrastructure

IT tools must be functional to achieve strategic objectives for your company. This principle is even more crucial when it comes to administering your data centre. To avoid waste of resources and to take advantage of a more efficient backup infrastructure, the best solution is outsourcing.

Challenges brought by an in-house data centre


High costs


Managing the data centre internally could be challenging for various reasons. There are costs incurred from maintaining a facility, supplying power and investing in hardware, not to mention security, maintenance, human resources and so on.

Difficulty in management


Very often, infrastructure management can cause excessive waste of time and resources. An in-house data centre needs specialised skills and both physical and digital security professionals, to avoid risks.

Lack of flexibility

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Choosing to build a data centre within the company is a long-term investment with a duration of at least five years. This is a very long period, especially if you consider the speed with which technology evolves nowadays. With an in-house data center you risk to anchor your business to obsolete technologies.

What’s an outsourced data centre?

Choosing outsourcing literally means renting a space in a provider's data centre. Through the payment of a periodic fee, it’s possible to delegate to the manager the maintenance of the entire infrastructure and, at the same time, reduce various costs.


Advantages of outsourcing



The economic benefits of an outsourced data centre are considerable. IT infrastructure management is no longer a capital expenditure but becomes an operating cost. In addition, providers can take advantage of the economies of scale to be competitive.

High service levels


Choosing to outsource means relying on skilled and experienced professionals, who provide support across the whole process of data migration and who are able to suggest new activity management methods. Greater specialization means greater reliability.

Focus on core activities


By entrusting the data infrastructure to a supplier, organisations don’t have to worry about IT decisions and can focus on their core business activities instead. The ultimate goal of this strategy is the achievement of the economic objectives, which are pursued through an innovative and functioning data centre, while saving resources.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your data center? Download our guide "The 10  criteria for selecting a data center" to understand how to choose the perfect location!

Where to scout for your outsourced data centre

Outsourcing is the best choice for a company. But it can’t be done without guarantees, such as the choice of a country that can ensure low energy costs, territorial and social security, a qualified labour market and high levels of connectivity. In other words, a safe and stable country, just like Switzerland, where Swisscolocation data centres are located.


Why us

Swiss security

political_stability_swisscolocation-1-1-1-1 Swisscolocation data centres mostly reside in Switzerland: a stable country from both a political and a geographical point of view. It’s a state at the heart of European economic activity - an advanced nation that offers competitiveness and qualified professionals.

Advanced infrastructures

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At Swisscolocation, we are always updated on the latest technological innovations. Our data centres are carrier-neutral, Tier III level. These infrastructures guarantee very high business continuity and are reliable as a backup site.

ISO certification


The ISO 27001 certification is an international standard of best practices to manage data loss risks, in terms of both physical and IT security, as well as compliance with privacy legislation. Swisscolocation is certified compliant to this standard.