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SWISSCOLOCATION SA leases secure and reliable spaces in high-level data centres in Switzerland to companies with "mission-critical" ICT needs. The carrier-neutral colocation model in an advanced data centre gives you flexibility and business continuity.

The best place for your servers

The best place for your servers

SWISSCOLOCATION SA rents safe, reliable and high-performance datacenter space in Switzerland to companies with mission-critical ICT requirements.


Located in Morbio-Chiasso (Ticino, Switzerland), it is a joint-venture between Tinext SA, local leader in digital marketing with 15 years of experience in Data Center business, EveryWare AG in Zurich, also 15 years within the sector and Elmec Suisse SA, Swiss branch of Elmec, Italian company operating datacenters for 40 years.


Thanks to this strategic collaboration, we have the Datacenter in the DNA, with 70 years of sector know-how, best practices and developed credibility, all at your disposal.


Our core business is building and operating Data Centers. Let us take care of the facility hosting your physical servers, so you can focus on your mission-critical ICT operations. We offer housing of empty rack cabinets, cages, suites, featuring the carrier-neutral colocation model.


Our Services

Our Data Centre


2'000 m2 of Tier III space in Switzerland

4 rooms with raised floor

400 m2 Tier III space

99.98% guaranteed continuity

  2  km from Italy
25  km from Lugano
  50  km from Milan
   South of the Alps

2 of its own Datacenters

1500 m2 Tier III space

99.98% guaranteed continuity

  North  of the Alps
  Greater Zurich