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Morbio data center features

  • Data center in Switzerland operating for 20 years for international financial institutions
  • 400 m2 of raised floor with anti-static tiles
  • Tier III topology - guaranteed continuity during DC maintenance
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • N+1 air conditioning system redundancy
  • Double, independent power distribution to ICT systems
  • UPS (N topology) on each electrical distribution path
  • Own generator and transformer (100% dedicated to DC)
  • Redundant fiber optic connected to major communication links
  • Multi-level electronic security access
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  • N+1 or N+N configuration per room available (power or reliability need)
  • 185 thermal kW per room
  • Stable temperature and humidity

Power supply

Power supply
  • Redundant power distribution
  • UPS group (N topology), on both A and B paths
  • 630 kVA transformer 100% dedicated to DC

Rack unit powering

Rack unit powering
  • Double power feed
  • Max. available power: 20 kW / rack
  • Average available power: 3.5 kW / rack
  • PDU metering

Data Center Uptime

Data Center Uptime
  • Tier III - 99.98% uptime guaranteed
  • Datacenter maintenance not affecting ICT operations
  • Dedicated battery rooms
  • Onsite 640 kVA diesel generator


  • Carrier neutrality
  • 2 dedicated carrier rooms
  • Reduntant connection towards international backbone
  • L2 link to Milano Internet Exchange (MiX) and Swiss Internet Exchange in Zurich (SwissIX)

Onsite carriers

Onsite carriers

Data and power cabling

Data and power cabling
  • Fiber optic on 4 different paths to the building
  • Redundant Dark Fiber 2x access
  • Ethernet Cat 6 between carrier rooms and rack unit
  • Layout with ceiling cabling

Automation and monitoring

Automation and monitoring
  • All infrastructures monitored, real-time alerts
  • Monitoring of all electric consumers at rack level
  • Pre-defined procedures allow full handling of all occurring events

Physical security

Physical security
  • CCTV 24/7 - 19 cameras
  • Multi-level electronic access
  • 2 Mantrap doors
  • Access tracking log 24/24

Fire and water control

Fire and water control
  • Fire detectors in all rooms, including engine and battery rooms
  • State of the art aerosol extinguishing system in data rooms, UPS and battery rooms
  • Anti-flood system in all critical areas

Our partners provide 2 datacenters located in Zurich, 1500 m2

  • Tier III topology
  • Private rooms, cages, racks
  • 15+ years of operations
  • Redundant power feed, generator, UPS
  • Power density 2 - 5kW/m2
  • (N+1) redundant air conditioning
  • VESDA-fire detection, Inergen-based fire suppression
  • FINMA, Basel-II compliant
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
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